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Jaimie Harrow
Owner, Dr. of Physical Therapy

I received my doctorate in physical therapy from Samuel Merritt University after I discovered alternative movement arts like circus. Partner acrobatics, hand balancing, rock climbing, pack rafting, mountain biking - one thing has led to another until no more free time remains. I love movement, I love what our bodies can do, and I love helping people move beyond their injuries and limitations.
I firmly believes that bodies are meant to move and that pain or difficulties can be logically traced and remedied. 
I am an avid researcher, writer, and teacher, and I often spend time at international conventions and festivals sharing my knowledge of partner acrobatics, physiology, and more. 

My practice is 100% direct PT to patient time. This means there are no aides or assistants, it's just me. I find this lets me provide the level of detailed care so many complex injury recoveries require. I'm also a direct-pay PT meaning payment is provided directly to me at the time of the session. I'm happy to provide a superbill afterwards with all the proper codes for you to seek reimbursement from your insurance company. 

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