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Virtual Physical Therapy

Expert consultations for guided rehabilitation.


Calling up a friend to ask for advice is as old as the telephone. Now, with modern technology, you can access the expertise and guided care of rehab doctors with just your smartphone or computer.

The most effective physical therapy combines education, corrective exercise, and self-directed movement. 

Manual therapy can be a great component of physical therapy care, but it is not the most important aspect. You spend FAR MORE time every week without your PT than you do in front of them. As a result, the most effective aspects of PT include: correcting unhelpful behavior, creating a home program of rehabilitative exercises, and providing myofascial releases you can perform frequently yourself.


This can be accomplished from a distance.


Is Tele-PT right for me?
  • If you want to discuss a specific injury or pathology you currently are dealing with, you need to live in California. Sorry, it's a state licensure thing.
  • If you live outside of California we can talk about generalities of the condition you're concerned about. I can still show you all the exercises and provide all the education, it just needs to be about 'wellness' instead of 'injury'. Contact me if you're confused about this.
  • You should be comfortable with video conferencing! Also you should have a space with enough room that you can move around, do some floor-based exercises, etc. If you have a foam roller, lacrosse ball, rehab bands, etc. that will expedite the process. 
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