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Let's Geek Out

One of my favorite pieces of this work is teaching information to movers of all kinds. Whether you do yoga, crossfit, throw flips in the park, rock climb, or anything else that challenges your body you owe it to yourself to get educated. Knowledge is power and it can save you stress and pain later on. Here are some samples of workshops I have lead.

Fundamentals of Muscle Physiology and Biomechanics

Everything starts with the basics, and that includes learning about the body. In this two-hour workshop we cover:

  • The structure of the body including layers of tissue, the role of fascia, how things connect, and what this means for injury

  • The fundamentals of muscle contraction: sliding filament theory, some light biochemistry, and what can go wrong

  • The role that nerve signaling and the central nervous system play in this process

Joint-Specific Biomechanics and Injury-Prevention

These four workshops cover a group of related joints and walk participants through evaluations of mobility, motor control, and information relating to the intended biomechanics for these joints. 

  • Shoulder/Wrist/Elbow

  • Spine

  • Hip/Pelvis

  • Knee/Ankle

Differentiating Between Types of Injury

How do you know if you have tendonitis or a muscle tear? What do nerve injuries feel like? When do I need to rest and when do I need to move? This class is NOT going to make you a PT or let you diagnose yourself! What it will do is provide a basic understanding of what can go wrong in your body and things you might try given certain symptoms. When in doubt always contact a medical professional.

Inquire about Custom Workshops! 

I love producing custom workshops for specific communities! Contact me to find out more!

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