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PT Now!

You're active, motivated, and you want answers to questions about your body from experts who know you. Fast. 

That's what 'PT Now!' is for. This is a brand new system of concierge Physical Therapy management. Your monthly subscription gives you access to an expert whenever the need arises - by voice, text, pictures, whatever you want. After messaging your provider they will get back to you in a timely manner, manage an ongoing program of rehabilitative or PRE-habilitative exercises based on your needs and be available for any greater need or question should it arise.

To test out this new system and evaluate a few aspects of the tech platforms that already exist Dr. Harrow is conducting a beta test. A greatly reduced monthly cost  (just $29/month) will be asked and in exchange you are agreeing to offer extensive feedback on the experience at various times. 

Only twenty slots are available for this limited beta!


Apply Now!

Apply to Beta Test!

This is a new method of physical therapy care and as such I want to embark on a 2-3 month beta test. The eventual program will require a large tech platform to be created but this beta will be conducted using pre-existing tools that do MOST of what is desired but perhaps not everything.  This beta test will include:

  • A digital intake process consisting of some electronic paperwork and a video description of what you would like to work on. 

  • Development and maintenance of a therapeutic exercise program focusing on 'pre'-habilitation or rehabilitation as is appropriate.

  • Frequent asynchronous communication conducted via text, pictures, and likely video to determine effectiveness of the program, modify, and discuss activity modifications and other aspects of your plan of care. Have a thought at 2am you want your PT to know? Send a message! Something feels off when you're at the gym? Let me know while it's fresh in your mind all in one app that keeps everything organized.

  • A monthly fee of $29 will be required and commitment for the 3 months of the beta. So total out of pocket cost is just $87 for 3 months of physical therapy care.

Apply Now!
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