...for adults seeking evidence-based therapy to heal, avoid injury, get educated, and optimize their potential. I will dive deep into the nerdy details so you fully understand what is happening and how to move through it. Want to find out what you can safely continue to do during rehab? We'll cover that. Curious how to safe guard against future problems? It's on the list. Want to understand what pain means and how much you should pay attention to it? Yup - you'll basically be a neuroscientist when we're done. DON'T WAIT - pain and injury lead to MORE injuries that cause MORE pain. You only get one body in this world - get professional guidance to ensure a long and active life.



From injury evaluations to short follow up appointments, there are many ways you can integrate physical therapy into your life. Click here to find out the many ways we can work together.



I provide comprehensive workshops of all types, from the basics of movement physiology and kinesiology to joint specific biomechanics to self-care strategies. Click here to find out more.



A huge number of conditions can be treated utilizing video visits that emphasize education, corrective exercise, self-guided myofascial releases, and more. Use technology to maximize your health! 

Breaking it down.

Jaimie has a deep understanding of his craft, and can furthermore break it down into attainable pieces that make you say "of COURSE, that's why that's important!"

—  K. R.


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